What is a Facebook Pixel?

If you are running, or are thinking of running Facebook Ads, then you need to know about the Facebook Pixel. But first, let’s talk about cookies. By now you may have heard the term ‘cookie’ thrown around a bit in the online marketing world… and sorry to disappoint you, but we are not talking about the delicious chocolate chip kind.⁠

If you don’t know, a cookie is a piece of code that sits on your website (or third-party tools) so that you can track a users behaviour. This really helps us in marketing and business because it means we know things like whether we get more sales from males or females, how old they are, what cities they live in, or even where people came from to get to our site, like Facebook.⁠

When you are running Facebook Ads, you will also need to install a type of ‘cookie’ to your website. Only this time (just to confuse you) it’s called a ‘Pixel’.⁠

This ‘Facebook Pixel’ is the most important thing you need to know about, if you want to run Facebook Ads for your business. It tells you which ads are turning into sales or leads, so that you know if what you are doing is working, or more importantly – if it isn’t.⁠

Like a cookie, a pixel can also help us understand what kinds of people are visiting your site and buying your products.

Why are pixels and cookies so important?

Looking at data about who is visiting your site and what kind of people are buying your products or services helps us to make decisions about marketing and business. For example, you might be advertising to all females, and discover that women of all ages visit your site. But when you look further into the data, you might discover that only people between the age of 20-40 actually ever buy anything from you.

This can help you advertise more efficiently moving forward, because next time you could only target 20-40 year olds instead of wasting your advertising budget on people outside that bracket. Or, it might cause you to ask why your product isn’t suited to people over 40, and if there is something you can do to make it more appealing to that audience.

How Do I Get A Pixel?

If reading this just made you think ‘I totally didn’t know that, I need a pixel ASAP but I have no idea where the flip to find one’ then today is your lucky day. Because we recorded a super easy video that will show you exactly how to create a pixel, and install it onto your website. You can watch that here.

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