Est. 2016

We teach ecommerce business owners how to grow their own business using digital marketing.

Est. 2016

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Hi! I’m Ellie, the founder of Frank Agency.

Frank Agency Founder Ellie Rockstro

Over 10 years in marketing have afforded me the pleasure of working on campaigns for the likes of Billabong and Bulgari. I have spent the last 6 years growing my agency from the ground up, and growing over 50+ businesses. Being an agency owner requires a knowledge in every service you offer, and I want to share that knowledge with you.

I have put together some free and paid resources to help you grow your business, in the hopes it will help you grow to a point you can afford for us to take over.

Ellie x

Frank Agency Founder Ellie Rockstro

ellie Rockstro // strategist + founder

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The Ultimate 'Before Your Start Meta Ads' Checklist

This is the exact three part checklist we go through inside our agency before we even begin to run ads for a client.

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The Ultimate 'Facebook & Instagram Ads Maintenance' Checklists

These are the checklists our staff follow on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis to keeps our clients Facebook & Instagram Ads performing and growing.

  • Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Facebook & Instagram Ads Management Checklists as a PDF.
  • All checklists as a Trello Board, so you can duplicate them, add to them and check them off as needed.
  • BONUS: Ad Creation Checklist. The list we use each time we create a new ad.

Our Small Business Course & Support Group: Frank About Business

Frank About Business is a 10-module program that teaches you how to leverage multiple marketing channels to grow your business. Unlike other courses, we will actually show you the techniques we are using inside our marketing agency.

our team are experts at analysing a business and using facebook & instagram ads to catapult the revenue of online stores.

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The Ultimate

'Before You start Facebook & Insta Ads'


These are the checklists we use inside our agency before we run ads for a client.