Yes, you read that correctly. We made one of our clients $117k in 6 weeks, during 2020. Before this company approached us in April last year, they were making around $5k in a regular month and at the end of the year they would do a 6 week sale, bringing in an extra $50k. This year with our system, not only did we more than double that number during their annual sale, but we also grew their overall yearly revenue by 218%.

First of all, we can’t take all of the credit. Our client has an epic product, which is always the key to a good success story. It’s our job to make sure the right people find the product, and help them to understand why they should buy it. To protect our client, we won’t give away the details of the product, but we will tell you how we sold it at a much higher volume than they could have ever dreamed of.

The success of this campaign all came down to 5 elements:

  • An attractive, timed offer.
  • A well crafted landing page.
  • An epic email system.
  • A killer Facebook Ads campaign.
  • Consistent social media posts.


 We knew the offer had to be irresistible, and that it needed to have a deadline. Due to the price point of the product, we were able to offer 50% off and still turn a profit. When the sale began we made sure that everyone knew they would only get 6 weeks to purchase, and then the deal would be off the table. Setting a deadline forces people to make a decision, instead of reminding in a ‘one day’ mentality.


Telling people about a great offer, and then sending them to your regular homepage causes a chink in the chain. We crafted a well thought out landing page, that reiterated the offer and the end date of the sale. The landing page was also rich with a story that sold the product well, and backed up by reviews and social proof.


Prior to the sale, we began collecting emails through a free hook. The subscription would trigger an automated email sequence, telling the product’s story and building trust. We used this list during the promotion to get sales from an already warmed up audience.


Prior to the sale, we had been testing ads and audiences to find the perfect groups of people to present our offer to at scale. During the sale, we only had to slightly change the messaging and push more spend into what we knew would work. This allowed us to push a high volume of targeted traffic into our sale funnel. This, coupled with an epic re-marketing sequence to further build trust, meant we were able to pull in over $79k using Facebook Ads alone.


During the sale, we made sure to be consistently posting on every platform. We not only pushed the sale, but we told engaging stories about the product, the history behind the creator, and stories of success form people who had used it. We posted every day, to ensure our message was heard.

When you break it down like this, it seems simple. But building out every aspect of a marketing funnel like this takes time, and expertise. We are giving away this information knowing full well that if you are willing to put in the research and the hours you could probably pull it off yourself. But do you have the time, or patience? Allowing us to do this for you means leaving nothing to chance, and allowing yourself more time to work on the most important thing in your business – your product and your business itself.


We only take on clients we know we can help, which removes some of the risk for you because we will let you know if we don’t think our system would work for you. Fill out our form to see if we are a right fit, and we will provide you with a custom quote.

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