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You will get a marketing partner who’s in your court, and a tailored strategy that’s second to none. Your designated account manager will watch your accounts like a hawk, and make constant optimisations to make sure you are getting the best possible outcome. Once you’re ready to begin we will…


A Facebook Ads Case Study...

A client in the first home buyers space come to us in an awkward growth stage. They had the foundations of a great business and knew they could grow big with the right marketing and structure, but didn’t know where to go from here. They had tried Facebook ads in the past with another agency but the few leads they had received were low quality, and didn’t seem to convert. 

We came up with a tailored strategy that used advanced targeting methods to gather an interested audience, and then funnelled that audience through a quiz that qualified the lead before it even got to the sales manager. Within 1 month, we actually had to pause the ads because too many leads were coming through for the client to keep up with as a team of two. Fast forward 5 months, they have grown from a team of two with one office, to a team of 6 with 3 offices and already have plans for a 4th office later in the year. The leads in this niche average at $41.43, ours as of march 2019 are coming in at an average of $25.98, and we are improving every day.

So why did it work better for this client with Let’s Be Frank? The original agencies ads weren’t bad, but they didn’t properly qualify the audience they were targeting, or the leads they sent through. This tends to cause wasted budget advertising to people that aren’t interested, and wasted time on the clients behalf calling leads that aren’t qualified. This is just one example of how we can use Facebook ads to grow a business.


We are a digital marketing agency

Let’s Be Frank Digital began in 2016 and has since been lucky enough to work with some seriously cool clients, doing some pretty great stuff. Growing a businesses online presence is our jam, we are pretty obsessed with all things digital!

Our founder and director is qualified in Marketing, Public Relations, Business and Journalism. Her career has consisted of learning from the best of the best, working for brands like Billabong, Schoolies and Cupid Media (who own 35 dating sites and is actually now a client). 

Working for big companies means getting a business partner at each of the big marketing platforms. This meant advanced training from teams at Google, Facebook, Bing and Adobe in how exactly to use their products.  She has now made the most of that knowledge and started a marketing agency,  and has been fortunate enough to build a great team made up of skilled marketers each with their own specific expertise.

"Let's Be Frank Digital is a highly professional marketing agency who always go the extra mile to deliver a stellar result. Wonderful to work with in every single way."
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